Curatif Sunshine State Gimlet Cocktail x2 (with garnish)

Every can comes with dried lemon to garnish your drink so you can have a real bar experience at home


Tupac may have been referencing Cali with “that sunshine state with the bomb ass hemp beat”. But we’re all about the other sunshine state right now. You know, the one a little closer to home? The one with The Big Pineapple and gold-lamé-bikini-clad meter maids (and meter men – cheers to equality!) Not to mention a little town fondly known as BrisVegas. 

Curatif’s new release raises a coupe glass in a toast to all things Queensland.

78 Degrees Sunshine State Gin - Escape to the sun!

Drawing inspiration from Queensland’s famously hot climate & tropical produce, we have combined Queensland mango, pineapple & passionfruit, creating a fun & enticing gin that can be enjoyed whatever the weather.

Rich tropical fruits are balanced with refreshing citrus. Lots of Passionfruit up front, with overipe pineaple dancing across the palate. The sweetness of juicy mango lingers on the finish and makes you want to come back sooner rather than later for the next sip.

19.4 ABV

130ml volume each


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