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Gin, Tonic & Books booxiesGin, Tonic & Books booxies

Gin, Tonic N' Books

Read N' Wine booxieRead N' Wine booxie

Read N' Wine

Booked With Cocktails-booxiesBooked With Cocktails-booxies

Booked With Cocktails

Ill sleep when i die booxieIll sleep when i die booxie

I'll Sleep when I Die

simple joys booxiessimple joys booxies

Simple Joy

Books N' Bubbles-booxiesBooks N' Bubbles-booxies

Books N' Bubbles


View our celebrations gifts— and be swept into a delightful array of quality reading material, boutique beverages, the finest gluten-free, handmade vegan chocolate, vibrant and refreshing sparkling water, organic coffee beans, and plenty more. Alcoholic enjoyments include a hand-picked premium bottle of Pinot Noir from The Yarra Valley's Oakridge Winery, signature gin and tonic from 23rd Street Distillery, and Curatif Archie Rose espresso martinis, among other delectable options. Nothing says "celebrations gifts" like a little bit of alcohol, after all!

Our well-curated booxies are designed to cater to different preferences, from vegan to coffee lover to winter warmer. Just about every genre of book is available for your booxies, from fiction, to non-fiction, memoir, romance, even crime and thriller, or young adult. And with Mother's Day just around the corner, they make the perfect gifts for the moms who love to curl up with a good book and a warm drink. No matter whom you're giving to, we've got the ideal gifts they will genuinely appreciate. Lying back, reading their favourite kind of book with a delicious drink in hand, they will be the ones wanting to thank you for your incredibly thoughtful gift.

Our booxies are completely customisable and can be sent to addresses throughout Australia and New Zealand. Choose from our preselected booxies for maximum convenience, or take the time to Build Your Own for greater flexibility.

Take a look at our celebrations booxies and find congratulations gifts that are oh so fancy!

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