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A Warm Hug

Booxie Daisy Vegan BooxiesBooxie Daisy Vegan Booxies

Booxie Daisy

Find your zen wellness booxiesFind your zen wellness booxies

Your Zen

From $130
The Mindfulness Booxies Box colouring activities journal and tea and chocolateThe Mindfulness Booxies Box colouring activities journal and tea and chocolate

The Mindfulness Box

From $110
Watch It Grow-booxiesWatch It Grow-booxies

Watch It Grow


Take a look at our ‘Get Well Soon’ gift box preselected options and be spoilt for choice when it comes to ‘get well soon’ booxies that care and nurture. Select from comforting additions to your literature such as a 100% natural lavender scented heat pack from Sunbee, hand-made chocolate bars from Hey Tiger, the ultimate in comfortable fluffy socks from Sunbee, dark hot chocolate from Cuvee, and pretty much everything you need to make someone feel warm and fuzzy when they’re not well.  

And that’s just the beginning. Our heartwarming wellness booxies offer Loco Love delicious vegan organic and gluten-free chocolate and a salon tin of Teadrop pyramid tea bags made from plant-based material. Our additions are so lush, that they will help anyone receiving our curated gifts to look on the bright side, rest up and luxuriate with the beautiful ‘get well soon’ gift boxes and products we provide.  

You might be wondering about our books. There are plenty of options in our preselected wellness booxies when it comes to reading material. Choose from genres such as fiction, non-fiction, memoir, romance, crime and thriller, or young adult. And if you want even more genre choices, you can Build Your Own booxies. We send our wellness gifts to home addresses across Australia and New Zealand – you can even get your specialised Get Well Soon gift sent straight to the hospital your loved one is staying at if they won’t be home to receive it!  

Our selection of artisan products coupled with a good book will have your loved one feeling better in no time. Our range of ‘get well soon’ gifts is sure to lift the spirits of the recipient. You can choose one of our premade ‘get well soon’ gift boxes or create your own bespoke customised ’get well soon’ gift for that someone special. Whatever you choose, know that our ‘get well soon’ presents will have your loved one feeling better – ASAP! We also offer same day delivery for Melbourne so you can get your gift box to your loved one as soon as they start to feel under the weather! Browse our extensive range of ‘get well soon’ gift boxes Browse our wellness gifts and find the perfect get well soon gifts for your friends and family!

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