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Introducing our newest addition to booxies

boozy slice

Combining their love for all things boozy with their obsession for slices. Springhill Farm cleverly crafted these delicious classic cocktails inspired slices bringing the fun of good ol' days in a slice.

They plant based. Gluten Free, and alcohol free.

Springhill Farm started over 35 years ago by Jo in Country Victoria, who wanted to give visiting school kids something to eat after their visit to the farm to connect them to what they learnt that day. and this is how it started!

So add a slice or two to your booxie to enjoy with your favourite book

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Meet Our New Indigenous inspired Bookmarks

With Kate Landolina

What a privilege to have Kate's artwork on our bookmarks.

Kate Landolina is a dyirimadilinya wiradyuri yinaa (proud Wiradjuri woman), and artist who lives on Wurundjeri Woiwurrung country in Melbourne.

Kate's artwork is inspired by the shapes and colours of beautiful Wiradjuri ngurambang (country), as well as her culture, ngiyang (language) and bagaraygan (mob), and draws on traditional Wiradjuri line work.

Follow Kate on @minhi.creative

* Don't forget every book purchased from booxies comes with one of our signature bookmarks.

Bookmarks with aboriginal art booxies

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