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Article: February Mystery Booxies

Mystery Subscription Booxies

February Mystery Booxies

If you are looking to get our of the holiday blues, then it's time to get yourself the best subscription box out there! 

Mystery Booxies is our monthly book subscription box service. It is a great way to discover new books and authors this year, and to expand your reading horizons.

Each month, subscribers receive a box containing a brand new book, a bookmark, and a selection of other goodies, such as tea, snacks and alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks (depends on your preference). The books are hand-picked by a team of book lovers, and they are always a surprise from a recent release.

Mystery Booxies offers a variety of subscription plans, including monthly, bi-monthly, and annual. You can also choose to receive a boxless subscription, which includes a book, tea and a bookmark only.

Mystery Booxies is a great way to start your new year resolution. Read more and discover new genre. It’s a book lovers delight of all ages. It is also a great way to support independent booksellers and publishers.

February Booxies Books of the Month are:

Crime/ Thriller Book of the Month:

Only If You're Lucky by Stacy Willingham

From the New York Times bestselling author of A FLICKER IN THE DARK and ALL THE DANGEROUS THINGS comes a gripping psychological thriller about female friendship and dark secrets

we loved Willingham's last two thrillers and this met our high expectation too!

Margot went to college in South Carolina for a new start. It’s a chance to get away – from her small town, her family and the memories of her dead best friend.

She gets her wish when the enigmatic Lucy invites her to join two other girls in a shared house for their second year. But as Margot gets to know the girls, she begins to realise that something’s off about Lucy, she’s not quite what she seems.

Fiction Book of the Month:

The Broken Wave by Matthew Ryan Davies

We LOVED The Broken Wave. we loved Davies compelling, heartfelt and gripping narrative which kept us turning the pages until the very end

in Davies' words: The Broken Wave is about an American author called Drew who flies to Australia for the funeral of a childhood friend, Tom, that’s taking place in the real-life Victorian seaside town of Queenscliff.

Drew lived in Queenscliff as a 12-year-old, and that’s when he became great mates with Tom. But a traumatic event cut short their time together and he returned to the States.

That was in 1992. Now it’s 2018 and Drew is back in Queenscliff.

He’s come for Tom’s funeral but, really, he’s there to finally deal with this trauma that been haunting him for so long and to try to work out whether it has any connection to Tom’s death.

Check out our conversation with Matthew Ryan Davies and learn more about the book and the author


Non-Fiction Book of the Month:

Converge by Dr Catherine Ball

this is a futurist's insights into the potential of our world as technology and humanity collide.

Multi-award-winning scientific futurist Dr Catherine Ball takes us on an astounding journey through the next big technology breakthroughs that have the potential to positively shape our world.

As we face challenges globally on multiple fronts, it’s refreshing to hear the positive voice of scientific futurist Dr Catherine Ball. In Converge she presents insights into how technology and science are providing answers to many of the challenges the world is facing today – food shortages, war and conflict, the decline in local manufacturing, health and ageing, and global warming – and asks why we are not embracing these technologies more widely.

The answer in many cases is, ‘Because we don’t know about them!’ Well, now we do. Dr Catherine opens our eyes to the amazing, wide world of technological advancements and explores the role we all have in learning more, owning the conversations, and determining what we want technology to be.

Converge by Dr Catherine Ball

Romance Book of the Month:

The Italian Marriage by Jenna Lo Bianco

A sweet light happy romance story set in Italy - What more can we ask for in a novel!?

The time has come. In order to secure the future of his family estate and fix his broken relationship with his father, workaholic lawyer Matthew D'Adamo needs a wife. Enter Sarah Browne, a free-spirited event manager, who is looking for an escape from the emotional and physical toll of her endometriosis, and the incessant buzzer of her biological clock. With an ironclad prenuptial agreement, Matthew and his 'wife', Sarah, are moving to Florence to fulfil the D'Adamo inheritance clause. There are just two problems.: they've never met. And there's another claimant on the D'Adamo estate. Matthew and the other potential heir will have to compete for the inheritance. 'Faking it' from their first meeting at Sydney airport, Matthew and Sarah's resolve will be tested at every turn. Will they have what it takes? And who said anything about love?

Young Adults Book of the Month:

Our Cursed Love by Julie Abe

A magical uplifting story of true love and the choices we make.

Destiny, magic, true love . . .

Remy is in love with her best friend Cam, and a winter trip to Japan provides the perfect setting to tell him how she truly feels. But when a mystical tea leaf reading reveals they’re not meant to be together, Remy and Cam find themselves in a secret magical apothecary in their search for answers.

Here they are offered an ancient soulmate elixir - but upon drinking it they are plunged into chaos when Cam's memories of Remy completely disappear.

Products of The Month

This month, we chose something to keep your lips hydrated, healty and beautiful while reading your book - perfect if you read outside or read before bed

al.ive Lip Balm - Kakadu Plum & Macadamia - A soothing and subtly glossy lip balm infused with natural oils and butters to deliver soft, kissable lips. 

and of course, every Mystery Booxies comes with 2x tea pyramids from Teadrop and a sparkling water from Calm & Stormy.

Mystery Booxies make a perfect bookish gift this year that can last as long as you want it to. Spoil your loved one with a gift of books and surprises every month. this is the best gift idea for your friends, family or special someone. . or it can be your way to get out of the holiday blues and start of this year’s new resolution to read more and explore new authors, new genres and new Australian products.

Subscribe to our Mystery Booxies and receive 20% OFF your first month in addition to amazing savings that adds to up to 2 FREE MONTHS of Mystery Booxies per year.

Subscribe, relax and enjoy your reads!

Booxies Where Stories Become Gifts! 

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