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Article: Your Online Independent Bookstore with a Twist

Booxies book boxes

Your Online Independent Bookstore with a Twist

In the age of instant gratification, online bookstores reign supreme. With vast selections at our fingertips and lightning-fast delivery, who needs to leave the house for a good book, right? Well, there are surprising advantages to shopping online that go beyond convenience. From price comparisons and rare finds to supporting niche communities, dive into why online bookstores matter more than you might think.

At Booxies we are keeping the wonderful local bookstore experience where you can get recommendations tailored to you while providing you with convenience of shopping online from the comfort of your own home.

  • Online Convenience With Local Bookstore Feel

There is nothing that can beat the convenience of shopping online from your own couch while in your pyjamas or oodie with a snack in hand. Booxies offers book lovers  a local bookstore experience without having to change and go out 

the bee sting - ink & honey Melbourne Writers Festival Limited Edition Booxies

  • Unique Customer Experience

At Booxies, we value our readers and remember their selection and requests so we can tailor our books recommendation to everyone. You get a personal customer experience where you can ask for anything bookish (almost) and we guarantee that we will try to make it happen. You have the luxury of picking your own book or giving us the ultimate freedom of choosing the right book for your or your friend. No matter what you decide, you will end up with a beautiful book that will take you places. 

  • Hand picked Books for You

We put a lot of care and love in selecting our books as it can be overwhelming to select a good book when there are thousands of newly published books available at all time. Our book selection is wide to cater for every taste but not too wide that it scares people off. We include new release books, best seller books, award winning authors in addition to debut authors and niche books. We love adding books from different backgrounds as we believe our diversity is part of our strength as a community. We cherich translated books and try to keep a variety of warm and cosy reads in addition to deep and difficult reads. 

Bloom & Bubbles Mother's Day Booxies

  • Tried and Tested Australian Products

With Booxies you can rest assured you are getting the best quality of Australian products that you can get. We spend countless days researching the market online and in person looking for the most delicious and the best quality of products that can enhance and elevate every bookish reading experience and can fit every taste and budget 

  • Delivered to You in No Time

Booxies book boxes are not just packed with love and care but they also are delivered fast. We pack and dispatch all our order withing less than 24 hours (weekdays) and send them to you insulated with temperature controlled packaging in summer with the most efficient carriers to maximize speed and quality of delivery. 

gin tonic n books booxies

  • Sustainable Packaging

At Booxies we believe gift boxes should not cost the earth. We are proud to consider ourselves sustainable gift option in Australia, NZ and beyond. Our boxes don’t only look amazing but they are made of recycled cardboard in Melbourne using eco friendly printing technology and are fully recyclable. Our cards and stickers are fully compostable and recyclable. Our satchels are 100% recyclable too. You get the idea.. 

  • Support Small Australian Businesses

We love working with our fellow Australian businesses small, medium or large but we love the small businesses the most as we can see first hand the hard work, time, effort and love put in every item a small business produce. At booxies we believe supporting other small Australian business can only strengthen our community, economy and values as a whole.

Check out our wide range of curated booxies, subscription boxes, book collection or build your own booxies with up to 2 books and up to 3 Australian products of your choice. No matter what you choose, you know you are getting a unique thoughtful gift that is full of love and care


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