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Support for Self-Publishing Authors

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Supporting Your Self Publishing Journey at Booxies

At Booxies, we understand the challenges faced by new and emerging authors, especially in a competitive publishing landscape. We're passionate about supporting your self-publishing journey and providing a platform to showcase your work. Here's how:

  • Sell Your Book on Our Website: Offer your book as an individual title or integrate it into our "Build Your Own Booxies", expanding your reach to a wider audience and amplifying your book's digital presence.
  • Monthly Author Spotlight: Each month, we feature a self-published author on our blog. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your new book to our readers and gain valuable exposure. The blog to be written by the author and subject to Booxies’ approval.

Ready to Partner with Booxies?

Great! Please review the following terms and conditions carefully before submitting your book for consideration.

Distribution & Sales

  • No Minimum Quantity Commitment: We are not obligated to sell a minimum number of books through Booxies.

  • Sales-Driven Model: We ask for 50% discount off the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for books sold through our website. In the event a book does not sell within a reasonable timeframe, it may be returned to you.

  • Payment Terms: No upfront payment to purchase the books. Authors should expect to be paid at the end of the initial 9 months period or when the initial supply of books is sold (whichever comes sooner). This payment will cover only books that are sold. Any remaining unsold books will either be returned to the author or remain on sale at Booxies for another agreed period of time.

  • Returns Policy: Any unsold surplus stock remaining after a period of 9 months may be returned to you. Authors are expected to cover return shipping fees.

  • Fees & Charges: This is a free service designed to support emerging authors.


Content & Submission

  • Author Responsibility: You are responsible for providing the following:
    • High Resolution Cover Image
    • ISBN Number
    • Compelling Book Description
  • Complimentary Reading Copy: You are required to provide one free reading copy of your book to Booxies for review purposes.
  • Editorial Discretion: We reserve the right to decline any book submission. All submissions are carefully reviewed, and a well-informed decision will be made based on various factors.


How to Submit your Work

  • Make sure you review the above T&Cs
  • State clearly that you ‘AGREE on our Terms and Conditions’ as specified on this page
  • Send us an email with the book blurb, genre, ISBN and book cover to
  • Include a short blurb about yourself (optional but highly recommended)
  • Let us know if book is already been published including publishing date (it’s ok if its not yet published as long as you have a reading copy)
  • We will review your email and get back to you with what’s required as soon as possible
We appreciate your understanding and look forward to a successful partnership!
Any question? Contact us at