And The Sun Shines Now

Adrian Tempany | Paperback | May 2017

How Hillsborough and the Premier League Changed Britain

The story of how modern football has changed from being the people's game to an elite multi-million pound business, and of what it has lost in the process.

And the Sun Shines Now is a book about what happened in the wake of Hillsborough, the most controversial tragedy of post-war Britain. The Taylor Report. Italia 90. Gazza's tears. All-seater stadia. Murdoch. Sky. Nick Hornby. The Premier League. The transformation of a game that had once deeply connected a club to its community, into a global business so rapacious that true fans have been forgotten, disenfranchised. Adrian Tempany deconstructs the past twenty-five years of English football to give us a brutal assessment of the modern game.

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