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Article: Your Perfect Present for Corporate Gifting

Your Perfect Present for Corporate Gifting

Your Perfect Present for Corporate Gifting

Are you gearing up for Christmas? Maybe an upcoming team event, a corporate conference, welcoming a new team member, bidding farewell to a colleague or simply expressing gratitude to your dedicated team or valued clients? Look no further than Booxies for your corporate gifting needs. 

We offer a unique, thoughtful, and totally customisable approach to corporate gifts that is so much better than your run-of-the-mill gift basket.

What if I only have a small team I’m looking to purchase corporate gifts for? 

No stress! At Booxies, we take pride in collaborating with companies and teams of all sizes – big and small. We understand that every corporate occasion is completely unique, which is why we offer the flexibility to tailor our Booxies corporate gifts to suit your budget and requirements. 

What sort of corporate gifts are on offer at Booxies?  

Our expansive range includes a range of carefully selected books, but we don't stop there! We can source nearly any book you’re after, incorporate your preferred selection of treats, snacks and drinks, and even accommodate special requests. 

To add a personal touch, we can include a heartfelt message to your team, clients, or whoever you are gifting too. Plus, we're more than happy to arrange delivery to their homes or your office, making your corporate gifting experience totally seamless.

Booxies is your one-stop destination for corporate gifting, suitable for various occasions:

EOFY Events: Make the end of the financial year memorable with thoughtful gifts that reflect your appreciation.

Conferences: Impress conference attendees with customised Booxies that showcase your brand's thoughtfulness.

Team and Department Events: Foster team spirit and camaraderie with gifts that speak to your team's unique preferences.

Product Launches: Celebrate milestones and product launches in style with memorable corporate gifts.

Thank You Gifts: Express gratitude to your hardworking team or loyal clients with gifts that convey your appreciation.

Farewell Gifts: Bid farewell to departing colleagues with a heartfelt token of your appreciation.

Staff Recognition and Reward Programs: Recognise outstanding performance and dedication with corporate gifts that motivate and inspire.

Welcome New Staff: Make new hires feel valued and welcome with a warm gesture.

Christmas Hampers: Spread some Christmas cheer with Booxies' festive corporate gifts that capture the spirit of the season.

Why choose Booxies for corporate gifts?

When it comes to corporate gifting, Booxies offers a unique approach that revolves around the love of reading with a whole bunch of added extras. Books are timeless, thoughtful gifts that can be enjoyed repeatedly, making them perfect for any and all occasions. 

How can I order a corporate gift with Booxies? 

We have a super simple and seamless booking system so you can take the stress out of shopping for corporate gifts! 

For corporate orders, please reach out to us at to discuss your occasion requirements and your budget. We can help to customise and personalise your corporate gifts so you can have a seamless gifting experience. 

So many stress-free ways to order corporate gifts!

Chat to us today to see if a Booxies book gift box directly or a Gift Card will be better suited for that special client or employee. 

We have a few different ways to get the corporate gift of your dreams, here's a few of our favourites: 

The Quick and Simple Way: Choose from our themed standard or limited edition Booxies.

The Customised and Personal Way: Build your own Booxies with up to two books and three products, complete with personalised service to meet your specific needs.

The Mystery Way: Subscribe to our mystery monthly or bi-monthly Booxies and enjoy savings and get a surprise book on a subscription basis.

Don't forget to email us at to discuss which option will be best for you and to get you started on your corporate gifting journey! 

Choose Booxies for your corporate gifts and gift the joy of reading! 

Let Booxies be your partner in spreading the joy of reading and appreciation in the corporate world.

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