Unique Australian Easter Gifts

Unique Ideas for Easter Gifts this Year

Ditch the chemist bunnies and skip the sugar overload this Easter! Booxies deserve something special, and this year, why not surprise them with a gift that celebrates autumn and sparks joy beyond the usual chocolate treats? Buckle up, because we've got a basketful of unique ideas that cater to all booxies personalities, from the crafty creators to the bookworms who devour stories.

Your Zen Booxies

Looking for something crafty that keep you in the zone and help you find your Zen? Looking for a way to find peace and calm within a world that doesn't know how to slow down. This booxies box is perfect to help you find your Zen and power while practicing some mindfulness. Look no further than 'Your Zen Booxies'. This beautiful unique gift box is designed to help you find your centre and keep you grounded. it includes sketch book with grip pencil, a journal, native Australian incense burner from Byron Bay's Addition Studios, a twin pack organic chocolate from Byron Bay's Loco Love and add a book (or not) from your favourite genre for a break from the busy life this easter. 

This has to be Australia's most thoughtful Easter gift out there!

 You Zen Booxies

Gin, Tonic N' Books

This as you know is one of our most popular Booxies for all occasions. and Easter is no different to that because who doesn't like to chill and relax after a family gathering over Easter with their glass of rare dry G&T and their favourite book in hand while savouring on a gin infused chocolate from Melbourne's Hunted + Gathered ... let the kids eat the chemist chocolate while you enjoy the real stuff!

choose between Bloody Shiraz (personal favourite, Rare Dray or Gin and Ginger! Our favourite Easter gift this year

 Gin Tonic n Books Booxies

Pages & Pampering

We are heading to a 4-day weekend over Easter and having the kids and extended family around for Easter may require extreme measures! So, get yourself Pages & Pampering Booxies and disappear for a few hours at a time where you can escape to your own heaven enjoying a hot bath while sipping on your cocktails and enjoying your favourite read! this is a Truely unique and thoughtful Easter gift that would be great to send to anyone or even better, the best gift to get to yourself!

and don't worry if you are not big fan of cocktails, choose the tea option and enjoy a hot cuppa with your book. both options include hand and lip balm from Australia's loved al.ive Body and organic chocolate from Byron Bay's Loco Love so you can leave the cheap chocolate for the kids

Pages & Pampering Booxies

Books N' Bubbles

It doesn't get more celebratory than our Books n' Bubbles Booxies. If you are a sharer, you can enjoy this bottle of bubbles from the Yarra Valley's Zonzo with family and friends. and you can share the roasted nuts too ... or not! the choice is yours! and you guessed it, Books N Bubbles comes with delicious hand made chocolate expertly paired with your bubbles so you get to enjoy a gourmet chocolate and leave the Easter choccies aside. this is the most celebratory Easter gift in Australia right now!

Books N' Bubbles Booxies is one of our best sellers for all occasions!

Books n Bubbles Booxies

Build Your Own Booxies

This is the most personalised Easter gift you can find online. It's fun to build and easy to create. you can choose up to 2 books including colouring books, sketching, journals, activity books and coffee table books and up to 3 unique Australian products to enjoy while reading. You can add Easter eggs to this and make it more Easter like but we guarantee the Easter Chocolate eggs you can add are the best in Australia! they are our favourite and we wish they are available all year round! crafter by hands in Melbourne's own Only Mine Chocolate.

Build your own booxies and let your gift stand out from the crowd! unique thoughtful gifts guaranteed to impress!

 Easter eggs

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