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Article: Guess who made it onto Frankie's Christmas Wish List?!

Guess who made it onto Frankie's Christmas Wish List?!

Guess who made it onto Frankie's Christmas Wish List?!

Pinch us, we must be dreaming! We're absolutely buzzing to announce that we've landed a spot on Frankie Magazine's coveted Christmas Wish List 2023! 🎉 Being recognized by such a vibrant, creative community is truly an honor, and it fills our hearts with more warmth than a crackling fireplace on a snowy night. 🎄 We've been huge fans of Frankie for as long as we can remember, always inspired by their championing of independent voices, quirky finds, and all things that make life a little more special. ✨ So to be included alongside so many other amazing artists, makers, and dreamers is a feeling we can barely describe. 🥰 But trust us, it involves a happy dance, maybe a few tears of joy, and definitely a healthy dose of Christmas cheer! 🥂 So thank you, Frankie, for believing in what we do and helping us spread the word. We can't wait to see what festive magic unfolds next! 🪄

Check out what their wrote:


frankie christmas wishlist – caitlyn bendall

Frankie Wish List


Check out all the cute and unique knick-knacks that have been picked out by our head designer.

Can you believe that Christmas is exactly three weeks away? While we’re pretty keen to chow down on some exceptionally yummy meals and see family members again, we have to say that we’re not big fans of all of the stress shopping for last-minute gifts. To help you all out, here are a couple of nifty pressies our super-talented designer is keen on, so make sure to jot them down and avoid the mad shopping rush on Christmas Eve.  

Clockwise from top-left

1. Look at these adorable post-it notes! They have such small details, yet such big expressions. Nobody could be mad at a passive-aggressive note left on a blankly smiling, small and green pea notepad, courtesy of Work From Home Store.

2. There’s a very small part of me that finds fun in making New Year's resolutions. Next year’s appears to be ‘read more’ and ‘get over your fear of surprises’. The Booxies mystery subscription book box will hopefully plant two flowers with only one seed.

Christmas Booxies

3. I love this woven patch I found at Third Drawer Down because I’m a designer, I’m grumpy and I want everyone to know about it.

4. Brought to us by Make My Lemonade and enough to give a minimalist a heart attack, this jug brings me an unexplainable amount of joy. It might be the key to making myself drink enough water each day.

5. This towel is designed by Isekai Studio, a local Sydney shop, and uses recycled plastic bottles in its construction and has a sweet, feel-good message for any passing folk. It is three out of three, so take that Meatloaf – that’s way better than two!

6. I like to wear different rings every day, so I keep them simple and stackable, and this one by Via Smith is just what I need.

7. I have never tasted an anchovy; I just want this hat by Fishwife. Yes, I am a fake. This is like wearing a band t-shirt and not knowing the songs. I'll re-gift the actual anchovies to our marketing co-ordinator Iris, she'll never know the truth. Also, I am vegetarian (actually pescatarian, but I tell everyone I'm vegetarian). Yes, I am a fake. Good gosh this was just supposed to be about the Anchovy Lovers Set.

8. I love Amble’s ethos, and as someone terrible at assessing the weather before setting off on an adventure, these pants will be perfect to keep me both cool and dry no matter what.

9. The trouble I have with puzzles is I love starting something, and then I completely forget about it. A puzzle that sits on the fridge though, that cannot be ignored, which makes this one by Journey of Something perfect.


Thank you Frankie Magazine and Cait for including Booxies in your wish list this year! What an honour


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