No Country For Girls [SIGNED COPY]

Emma Styles | Paperback | August 2022 


An incredibly gripping road trip thriller about two kick-ass heroines on the run from the law with a bag full of gold. Set against the harsh, unforgiving landscape of outback Australia, this is Thelma and Louise for a new generation


'It's not exactly how I imagined the week starting. An accessory to murder. On the run in the victim's vehicle . . .'

Charlie and Nao are strangers from different sides of the tracks. They should never have met, but one devastating incident binds them together forever.

A man is dead and now they are unwilling accomplices in his murder there's only one thing to do: hit the road in the victim's twin cab ute, with a bag of stolen gold stashed under the passenger seat.

Suddenly outlaws, Nao and Charlie must make their way across Australia's remote outback using only their wits to survive. They'll do whatever it takes to evade capture and escape with their lives . . .

Thelma & Louise for a new generation, No Country for Girls is a gritty, twisty road-trip thriller that follows two young women on the run across the harsh, unforgiving landscape of Australia.

Bold and badassNo Country For Girls is the kind of searingly stylish, unrelenting page-turner I just adore. I burned through the twisting plot almost as fast as Charlie and Nao light up the Australian outback'

Styles's first novel starts with a bang . . . There are decided echoes of films such as Shallow Grave and


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