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It is this time of the year where we love to wish each other good luck and good fortune for the year ahead. Year of the Ox

To celebrate this occasion Booxies is releasing a collection of Books written by Asian authors (or authors from Asian background), and created a special limited edition booxie to make gifting this Lunar New Year a special and personal experience. It is a special gift that you can add to the red envelope or simply give instead of one. 

The Lunar New Year Booxie includes: 

  • A bottle of wine from one of Australia's best wineries 
  • A 'Lucky You' Dark Chocolate with Orange, Puffed Rice and Sesame Seeds from Hey Tiger
  • Hand-made Chocolate from Only Mine
  • A beautifully Fragrant and full flavoured Herbal Tea from Melbourne's Teadrop Tea
  • A choice of one of the world's best seller books that are written by Asian Authors or Authors from Asian background
  • A pretty awesome bookmark
  • A special Lunar New Year Card with your personalised message

ONLY $99 | including free shipping Australia wide

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