23rd Street Riverland Rose Vodka 200ml

Multi-Award Winning 

Tasting Notes

The delicate pink blush of a cherub's cheek. Aromas evoke a summer picnic on manicured lawns, hedonistic yet fresh. There's nothing blousy, fusty, or overblown here. Seductive true rose petal flavours hint at vanilla on the front palate, containing a rounded mouthfeel and warm finish.

Enjoy neat, chilled or lengthen with a splash of mineral water or tonic.

Riverland Rose Vodka

Twenty-three thousand rose petals plucked under the moonlight, trod by centaurs’ hooves and small-batch infused in virgin vodka. Strained through unicorn tail hair and bottled directly for your pleasure. Aromas of freshly trimmed lawn herald a nuanced, warm palate. Limited edition, obviously.

 ALC. VOL 40%

Artwork by Claire Ishino (SA)

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