The Gravity of Missing Things

Marisa Urgo | Paperback | August 2022 

Everyone thinks my mom did it on purpose.

Officially, her plane is still missing somewhere in the Atlantic. Unofficially, news reporters all over the world say she was a suicidal terrorist and crashed it into the sea, killing 155 people. But I know better. My mom could never hurt anyone.

The day the plane disappeared, she left me a note. She has a plan. It said I am asking you to trust me. She understands me and my secrets in a way my sister and my dad never could. She’s the only one who gets it, because we are the same. If I retrace her steps, I can solve this.

But then Landon shows up. He’s sweet and thoughtful and auditioning for the play that I’m designing the set for. It’s tempting to lose myself with him, forget that my life’s a hot mess and everything’s in shambles. I can’t be with him though. I can’t be with anyone until I find out the truth.

Mom didn’t crash the plane on purpose. She didn’t crash it at all. I think she’s still alive.
And I will prove it.


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