Starward Whisky Octave Barrels 700ml

Single Malt Australian Whisky | 48% | Matured in Yalumba | 700ml

A modern Australian whisky, shaped by an icon of Australian red wine

Double Gold Win at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Our friends at Starward have aged Octave Barrels in Yalumba’s iconic The Octavius Shiraz barrels. It's a single malt where raisin, anise and caramel flavours meld with rich, dark fruits. 


Colour / Auburn 

Aroma / Rich, full-bodied expression. Red fruit, raisins, ripe peach, caramel and toasty oak

Palate / Viscous and long, dark forest fruits, and a toasted oak backbone 

Finish / Toasted marshmallow on the finish

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