Nikki Gemmel | Hard Cover | July 2021

This story of a writer finding her voice, struggling to have a room of her own, is the story of ALL women finding space for themselves against the 'very important men' in their lives. It's the story of every woman's life.

Dissolve is a deeply personal, profoundly intimate reflection on love and female creativity in a man's world, and what happens when it all collides. Having lived through the humiliation and bewildering complexity of a time of failure, Nikki Gemmell eventually resurfaced. Decades later she has written a meditation on women's lives and creative desires.

This is a conversation. A conversation with the beautiful young women of her teenage daughter's generation, and of course with men. With husbands and male artists.

Dissolve is a hopeful, exhilarating book about women finding their voice.

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